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About us, and where we're going

Lauded as one of the foremost authorities on digital news by it’s founder, Reginald Glowerington, Almost Serial brings you the latest news and opinion on games, the web, and nerd-life. The news we cover is so new, that it may or may not exist yet.

-The Original About Page For This Site

We originally created this site to have fun with less serious topics, like video games, Star Wars, and nerd culture. Everything we posted on the site was completely made-up, satire, or parody in nature. But after a few dozen articles we learned that, unless people already know your content is fake (like “The Onion”), people get really upset at even the most obviously made-up stuff.

And we absolutely hated feeling like we were lying to people. So, we made the hard decision to put Almost Serial on pause while we figured out what it should become.

That took a lot longer than we expected, but the upcoming content is worth the wait. We promise.

We’re looking forward to what’s up next for Almost Serial, and we hope that you’ll be right there with us.