The cast of Firefly

Firefly: Fans Concerned Cancelation Is Serious

"It's just not fair," Tim Jefferson of Los Angeles said. "It's just not fair at all." That's the ever-present sentiment among the fans of the sci-fi series, Firefly.

Exclusive: GTA VI – Ypsilanti, Michigan

Early this morning, a source close to Rockstar Games, makers of the Grand Theft Auto franchise told us that his hours of eavesdropping on the company had finally paid off. Yes, we're talking about GTA VI!

Bethesda: Man Files Suit For a PlayStation and Copy of Fallout 4

On the heels of a Russian lawsuit against the game company, Bethesda, Bill Gowan of Toledo Ohio took action as well.

Final Fantasy VII’s “Episodic” Format Could Run Forever

In Final Fantasy VII Remake news, Sony has announced that the title will be “Episodic.” We looked into what that might mean for the game.

Sony Unlocks 7th Processing Core, Accidentally Releasing Failed Games From Past 2 Years

It was like an early Christmas present for many developers. Sony unlocked the 7th processing core for their popular Playstation 4 system, and the developers went crazy. But there were consequences that nobody could have foreseen.

Sith Concerned The Dark Side May Be Getting “Too Dark”

"I'm just not sure about all this," a Sith who wishes to remain anonymous told us. "It used to be a lot more fun to be on the dark side."

A Kefka Comic Isn’t Out of the Question

With the popularity of the Final Fantasy series, and especially the raging anticipation of the Final Fantasy VII remake, sources close to Square Enix may be tossing around an unexpected spin-off to boost interest.

Blizzcon – Overwatch Canceled

In a shocking twist this evening, Blizzard Entertainment has canceled their upcoming project, Overwatch. The reason: they just didn’t feel it could live up to the hype.

Blizzcon – Blizzard Announces “World of CandyCrush – The Lollipop Saga”

In a move surprising absolutely nobody, gaming titan Activision Blizzard announced their newest project today from the floor of their annual convention: World of CandyCrush - The Lollipop Saga.

Astronomers Believe They May Have Found Little Big Planet

Last month, NASA began to receive photos from Pluto, and they were glorious. But as they reached the desk at NASA HQ, one astronomer noticed something he didn’t expect.

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